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Carpet Depot is Arizona’s largest in stock carpet warehouse. This means we have hundreds of rolls of carpet, pallets of wood, carpet remnants, and much much more. Stop in today to see our wide variety of discount laminate flooringcarpet remnants, and other affordable flooring.

There are many advantages to being the largest carpet store and warehouse in Arizona, but the biggest one is this: if there is a quality brand of discount carpet or flooring that we don’t carry, then no one does.


The flooring you buy may be under your feet for the next ten to twenty years. That’s quite a commitment. So making the right carpet, carpet remnant, laminate, or luxury vinyl planks, flooring decision can be stressful and quite a bit confusing.

That’s why Carpet Depot’s consultants are trained to make what can be an overwhelming experience as easy and satisfying as possible. Our consultants are experts at helping you meet your style and performance needs while working within your budget.


It’s one thing to see a great looking carpet in a store. But when you get it home and someone inevitably spills something all over it, the question is: how great will it look then?

The answer is tied to the quality of your carpet fibers and the treated carpet you choose.


In addition to stain resistance, a quality carpet or carpet remnant needs to be durable — and durability is directly related to the quality of your carpet’s fibers. Carpet Depot offers only highly regarded carpet fibers such as Wear-Dated, AnsoNylon, and Tactesse: all specially formulated to give your carpet greater strength, resilience and longer life.

There is nothing more important to us than making sure you purchase the right flooring for your specific needs, and that is why Carpet Depot is not only the biggest stock carpet warehouse in Arizona, we are also the best.

Buying carpet with specially treated fibers or with a special protector helps keep your carpet looking fresh and new, and can help repel and resist dirt and stains, keeping your flooring looking like new.

AnsoNylon is a specially formulated fiber that is anti-stain and soil treated so you can be sure your carpeting will stay looking cleaner longer.

Wear-Dated fibers are formulated to be strong and durable.

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