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Discount Carpet Tiles at Carpet Depot Phoenix AZCarpet Tiles (also called Carpet Squares) are becoming more and more popular in residential homes. While carpet tiles have long been a popular flooring choice in commercial spaces, such as offices, gyms, and restaurants, they are now commonly found in homes and apartments. While carpet tiles may not offer the luxurious, plushness of broadloom carpet, they do provide excellent durability for high traffic rooms.

Carpet Tile Design

Another great attribute of carpet tiles is the wide variety of design options. The come in just about any color imaginable in different patterns and even it different pile heights. You can mix and match colors and patterns to your heart's desire to create a complete custom, one of a kind look. They are also perfect for rooms that need a little padding or insulation.

Carpet Tile Installation

Perhaps the best trait of carpet tiles is their ease of installation. Many carpet tiles interlock like pieces of a puzzle and most have padding and adhesive attached for easy placement. You can even try different pattern and color directions before the final installation. Removal is almost a easy in the event you decide to replace your carpet tiles.

Carpet Depot offers very affordable, discounted prices on both commercial and residential carpet tiles. Contact us today to learn how much you can save on carpet tiles and carpet tile installation.

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