Carpet Tiles – A Unique Flooring Look

Carpet tiles, formerly used strictly for commercial business has become more popular as a home floor covering choice as our floor covering offerings expand.

Carpet tiles are 18 inch by 18 inch squares of carpet that can be attached to the ground, either by using adhesive tape, or by purchasing carpet tiles that come with a sticky back. The carpet tiles are adhered to a smooth surface and placed next to each other to create the desired look.

Carpet tiles can be found in almost any style of carpet. They are easily placed next to each other to create colorful rugs, or wall to wall flooring. You can interchange colors within a style without disrupting the flow of the carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are great for anyone who is interested in easy to install wall to wall flooring, as a professional installer is not required for the job. It can also be used to create a small area rug, or for carpeting large spaces such as a studio or warehouse. To find out more information about discount carpet tiles and other flooring products visit Carpet Depot.

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