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Do you want discount flooring that is energy efficient, good looking, durable, and easy on your feet? You might want to consider wall-to-wall carpet and carpet pad. It has been proven that wall-to-wall carpet increases the R-value of the area covered giving you the potential to save on utility costs. The R-value measures a material’s resistance to the movement of heat.

An excerpt from Shaw Flooring, a leader in the flooring industry: “Test results from Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs, one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world, confirm carpet and (carpet) pad significantly increase R-value compared to other flooring material.

Test results from the different carpet constructions were compared to three hard surface products – ceramic tile, laminate, and engineered hardwood – and the differences were dramatic:

* Carpet vs. engineered hardwood: From 3 to 7 times the R-value.
* Carpet vs. laminate: From 4 to 8 times the R-value.
* Carpet vs. ceramic tile: From 8 to 17 times the R-value.”

Naturally the potential energy saving will vary depending on such things as local utility/energy costs and the type of floor construction.

According to Dr. Alan Hedge, professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University “Carpet feels warmer to the touch than other floor coverings because the air at room temperature is trapped by the carpet fibers which acts as an insulator, and carpet has a low thermal diffusivity compared to other floor materials that have higher thermal diffusivities resulting in greater thermal discomfort”.

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