Cheap Carpet Styles and Types

Shopping for discount flooring can be a fun and rewarding experience provided you know some of the basics. Manufacturers of carpet including Shaw Carpet and Mohawk Carpet make carpeting in basically these six different styles:

1. Textured carpet: has alternating twists of yarn that gives it a two-tone look. This carpet is a great floor covering for an active area as it hides footprints and vacuum marks. It adds casual beauty to any area and is perfect for the entire house.
2. Saxony or plush: each yarn has a uniform finish for a soft, velvet luxurious feel. This carpet is great for a formal, traditional, elegant look. It is not the first choice for high traffic areas or an active household.
3. Frieze: a great choice for an active household. Each strand of yarn has a very high twist level which gives this cut pile carpet durability and long wear. Frieze comes in various pile heights giving you a variety of choices.
4. Cable: constructed from thicker usually longer yarn. Great choice for a bedroom or living room where you want comfort underfoot. It is not the best choice for high traffic areas.
5. Looped: often referred to as Berber this carpet is made from bulky yarns in a loop pile construction. This carpet is a great all purpose, long lasting carpet and is a low pile.
6. Cut and Loop: a combination of cut and looped yarns which creates patterned effects and surface textures. This style of carpet is very in style and can be used for casual or formal areas (fun geometric and formal botanicals).

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