Mohawk Flooring Announces SmartStrand

Mohawk Flooring and DuPont have partnered to develop a luxurious carpet made with SmartStrand. SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona is leading the way in the carpet industry for sustainability. A key ingredient in SmartStrand is Sorona fiber which is produced from the sugar found in corn (corn sugar). Corn sugar is a renewable resource. In fact 37% of Sonora is made from renewable resources. This is the first time in the carpet and flooring industry that you can have soft, luxurious carpet with durability and have stain resistance permanently engineered into it while being environmentally friendly. Stain protection is built into every single SmartStrand Fiber so it will never wash or wear off. Imagine being able to remove red wine spills from your floor covering (even if you find it 3 days after the spill)!!!

There is moreā€¦ greenhouse gas emissions from producing Sorona is 63% less than other fibers. Mohawk carpet is backing up their confidence in their SmartStrand carpet line by providing industry leading product warranties. We at Carpet Depot applaud Mohawk Flooring Industries and DuPont for providing carpet that is both a high performance carpet and has environmental benefits.

Stop by either Valley Carpet Depot and you will find a fabulous selection of Mohawk Carpet including their new carpet made with SmartStrand. Carpet Depot is the largest independent stocking flooring dealer in the Greater Phoenix Area enabling us to provide discount flooring to the consumer.

Please note: SmartStrand is a registered trademark of Mohawk Industries.
DuPont is a registered trademark
Sorona is a registered trademark of DuPont

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