Tile – Ceramic including Porcelain

Ceramic tile is a great choice for floor covering. Porcelain is a denser type of ceramic tile using finer clay and materials fired at higher temperatures. This helps make porcelain more water-resistant. Due to modern technology, ceramic tile comes in an unlimited amount of colors, sizes, styles, shapes and even textures sure to satisfy the most discerning tastes. Natural stones such as travertine, limestone and marble, although beautiful, require regular maintenance. Anything acidic can etch a permanent mark on natural stone. You can achieve the same look as natural stone through ceramic tile without the usual required maintenance. Tile is a great choice in kitchen and bathrooms. In the kitchen it’s nice to know that glazed ceramic/porcelain tile doesn’t burn or emit toxic fumes. In the bathroom tile is a great choice because most glazed ceramic/porcelain tile is water resistant and easy to clean. In both room it is great to have ceramic/porcelain tile because it is environmentally friendly being made from natural materials and also resists bacteria and odors found in those rooms. Ceramic tile is also a discount flooring choice and can save money compared to some other types of flooring.

Another great thing about tile is with silver, gold and copper glazing it can mimic metal.

Carpet Depot, a cheap flooring company in Arizona is proud to offer discounted Mohawk flooring including tile in a plethora of choices.

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