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Boy has vinyl discount flooring come a long way since the 1950’s. In fact, don’t even think about the vinyl flooring in the house you grew up in. Vinyl is no longer that plastic looking, shiny ripped and pitted floor you had to live with. Thanks to advances in technology, today’s vinyl flooring comes in an array and assortment to please even the most discriminating tastes. Vinyl has joined tile and discount laminate flooring in offering an ideal flooring solution for less money with an endless selection of patterns, colors and configurations to choose from. If natural stone is the look you desire, there is a vinyl product for you. If your preference is slate, look no further than vinyl.

Vinyl can fit into any budget. Compared to natural stone and ceramic/porcelain tile, vinyl feels plush. Vinyl of the past was laid only in kitchens and baths. Today vinyl can be laid in any room including a great room. Vinyl is a great alternative if you have an active household as it offers easy maintenance and is stain resistant and resistant to scratching. Of course as with any flooring there are exceptions so keep those stiletto heels off any hard surface flooring! Along this line vinyl is offered in a selection of gloss (shininess). The less gloss, the easier it is to maintain on a daily basis from normal foot traffic. The same general rules of decorating apply to vinyl as any other hard surface; lighter cheap flooring will make a smaller room appear larger while darker floor covering will create an intimate setting and absorb the light. Whatever your choice and budget, today’s vinyl is worthy of consideration.

At Carpet Depot Phoenix, AZ  location we have an experienced sales staff to help you decide on flooring solutions for your needs. Carpet Depot has two fully stocked warehouses thus passing on savings to you. For the best selection of discount carpet and other discount flooring including laminate and tile and for your vinyl needs visit Carpet Depot.

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