Carpet Pad Benefits

You have decided what type of discount carpet to put in your home and now you must decide on carpet padding that goes underneath the carpet. Carpet padding can also be referred to as carpet cushion depending on the area of the country you are purchasing your flooring. Carpet padding is so important because it determines how the carpet feels when you walk on it. Padding absorbs foot traffic making cheap carpet feel better. Carpet padding can significantly improve a carpet’s sound absorption thus providing even better acoustics than carpet alone. It also aids along with carpet in keeping a room at room temperature. There are many different types of padding manufactured today. Included are types that have an odor guard, help block moisture and help fight stains. Proper cushioning can help extend the life and look of your carpet by being the barrier between the sub-floor and the carpet and providing airspace under the carpet.

In fact padding helps keep your carpet clean. By providing the barrier and keeping the discount carpet off the sub-floor, the carpet is allowed to “breathe”. Every time you vacuum that airspace allows for the dirt to be brought to the vacuum. It is a very efficient way of keeping carpet clean!!

There are different types of carpet padding which will be the subject of a future blog. Consult your carpet dealer to help determine which is the best carpet padding for the carpet you choose and the lifestyle you lead.

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