Discount Carpet as Main Floor Covering

Why carpet? This question gets asked a lot. With so many discount flooring options available why indeed choose carpet? One answer is to definitely have carpet in the bedrooms. I have recently had two friends have two very different accidents in their bedrooms. The first has tile in her bedroom as she has four dogs. She got up in the middle of the night, tripped and went head first down onto the tile suffering a concussions and multiple bruising. In fact, she looked like she went 10 rounds with Tyson. Another friend has discount hardwood flooring with an area rug in her bedroom. She tripped on the area rug, fell on the hardwood flooring and suffered damage to her knee, so bad that she had to spend a few weeks in rehab. Carpeting in the bedroom is in fact preferable for the very reasons stated above. It is also a built in acoustic system enabling better conversation. While hardwood flooring, discount laminate flooring, ceramic/porcelain and natural stone tile all have their places in kitchens and baths, the bedroom areas offer residents and guests much better protection with carpeting. Today there is such a vast array of carpet design and colors for all tastes and price points. Padding offerings are far greater and superior then in the past. You can’t go wrong with carpet.

Carpet Depot offers two locations in the greater Phoenix area, an east side location and west side location. Each location is a fully stocked warehouse that keeps costs down and lets them pass the savings onto the consumer. For the largest selection of cheap carpet and carpet pad visit Carpet Depot.

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