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Today is Earth Day and a great topic is “going green”. In the carpet and flooring industry many strides have been taken to do just that, go green. Everything from developing new environmentally friendly methods of producing fibers to recycling programs for flooring that is no longer viable in the home. Hard surfaces now include fabulous discount laminate flooring that “mimics” natural discount hardwood flooring. Floor covering professionals even have a difficult time deciding whether a floor is hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. These laminates are durable and longer lasting than their natural counterparts. Longevity means less recycling and longer lasting in the home. Longer life cycles mean less impact on our environment creating less of a carbon footprint.

Today carpet manufacturers such as Shaw Carpet and Mohawk Carpet have taken seriously the need to develop new way of manufacturing carpet to produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s carpets are durable, long wearing, environmentally friendly and help decrease noise pollution. Noise pollution creates a very unfriendly environment for residents and visitors alike. Today’s fabulous houses tend to have higher ceilings creating a need to decrease sound. Carpet is a perfect fit if you have high ceilings.

Another environmental consideration is the use of ceramic/porcelain tile over the use of natural stone. Ceramic/porcelain tile manufacturers such as Mohawk Flooring and Shaw Flooring have developed environmentally sound methods of producing the product. Natural stone is non-renewable. The maintenance required is much more significant than it’s ceramic/porcelain counterpart. Again the ceramic/porcelain product is made to “mimic” its natural counterpart, fooling many floor covering professionals.

Whatever type of flooring you choose stop in at Carpet Depot for the valley’s largest in stock selection of cheap carpet, carpet remnants and a large selection of laminate flooring and ceramic/porcelain flooring to satisfy everyone’s taste.

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