Indoor/Outdoor Carpet – Not As You Remembered

You may remember indoor/outdoor carpet as “Astro Turf” or artificial rubbery, grassy looking products that looked and felt cheap, but indoor/outdoor carpet today is a far cry from what it was. Indoor/outdoor carpeting now comes in a variety of fibers, including nylon, rubber and olefin as well as different textures (such as the grassy feel or Berber). There are also hundreds of color choices for indoor/outdoor carpet, although the most popular ones are colors that are similar to ones found in nature.

Indoor/outdoor carpet can be installed not only over concrete, but also over wood, asphalt, marble, and almost any type of floor covering you can think of. It is great around pool decks and other high traffic areas, especially where children are involved. Indoor/outdoor carpet was originally created as a flooring alternative that could withstand harsh, inclement weather, but has evolved as a floor covering genre for any areas where durability is more important than appearances, such as in a school, basement or child’s play-room.

Make sure to discuss with your floor covering specialist about exactly where your indoor/outdoor carpet will be placed and over what conditions, this will allow them to find the floor covering that best suits your needs. Carpet Depot in Phoenix, Arizona carries many styles and brands of indoor/outdoor carpet as well as other discount carpet products and cheap carpet remnants. They have floor covering specialists waiting to assist you.

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