Linoleum with Discount Carpet

Armstrong is celebrating its 100th anniversary as the forerunner of linoleum. They led the US into the linoleum age in 1909!! There is currently resurgence in the floor covering industry of linoleum and it’s no surprise that Armstrong is leading the way. The linoleum of today isn’t what your grandparents had in their house. Why is there a renewed interest in linoleum, the product most boomers don’t use as discount flooring? One can only glean that it has something to do with sustainability.

Linoleum is made today as it was all those years ago with renewable raw materials including: “cork powder, linseed oil, limestone, organic pigments and jute backing”. In fact linoleum can add to your LEED rating, is compliant with California’s low-VOC emissions standards and that is only two “green” certifications- there are more. There are new patterns and colors that Armstrong has come out with for it’s 100th celebration.

Linoleum looks great with other flooring. Cheap carpet and discount hardwood flooring alike look great with linoleum. Keep in mind linoleum has a long life span as well as being green. Happy 100th year anniversary to Armstrong as it celebrates the introduction of linoleum to the U.S and thank you for always being “green”.

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