Trends in Discount Flooring

When it comes to floor covering there are as many trends as there are in fashion. Animal prints come to mind when thinking about trends in clothing. Animal prints are also in fashion when it comes to flooring. Think about tone on tone zebra carpet. Or how about a full zebra look carpet. This blogger had a zebra area rug (made from carpet remnants) fifteen years ago. I passed it down to a family member when it came time for them to go to college. Cheap carpet and area rugs are all about texture and many include tribal design. Nature is also a trend from tropical floral design to tree design to leaf design. Again tone on tone carpet is elegant and everlasting. A full patterned design will be trendy but definitely fun!!!

In keeping with these trends, discount laminate flooring is offered in exotic wood looks as well as natural stone and embossed patterns.

Tile too has its trends including longer tiles and embossed tiles, along with carpet tiles.

Wood flooring along with laminate is seeing a trend in high-gloss sheen.

Discount flooring should be practical and fun. It should never be boring!! Flooring says a lot about a person. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be the “right” flooring for you.

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Discount Carpet – Installation Part 2

This blog is a continuation of the previous carpet installation blog. What if your new carpet will be next to a discount hardwood flooring? That is known as transition. Your flooring professional will do their best to match the surface heights of the various types of flooring in order to minimize transitions. Another thing to realize is that sometimes baseboards and moldings may need to be removed and reattached. The industry standard is that the customer will be responsible for damages done to the existing moldings and baseboards. Moldings and baseboards are typically dry and/or brittle (in particular quarter round). Sometimes baseboards get scratched and/or nicked. It is typically the homeowner’s responsibility to do those touch ups.

What about removal of your old cheap carpet? Check with your dealer and/or installation professional to see if there is a removal fee for the existing floor covering (usually carpet padding and carpet).

Sometimes doors need to be removed to install discount carpet. If doors need to be shaved to insure clearance then it is best to have a qualified carpenter perform that. Again you need to check with your dealer and/or qualified installer as to their policy and cost.

Please remember to disconnect electronics and if there is plumbing or electrical disconnections that need to be made please use a professional in that area to perform these jobs prior to installation.

All discount flooring needs to be installed over a structurally sound and proper sub-floor. Any sub-floor damage (insects, rotted wood, water damage) should be fixed prior to installation.

Please plan on being available the day of carpet installation in the case the crew has any questions. They will be using tools and techniques that will require you to keep children and pets out of the work area.

When the installation is complete you will be so happy with the results you will wonder what took you so long?

Carpet Depot in Phoenix has two warehouse locations and is one of the largest stocking carpet dealers. They can pass on the discounts to you. If you purchase an in-stock carpet product they can install it the next day.

Discount Carpet – Installation

You have given thought to the discount carpet you want in your home and are excited to see it as a floor covering. If you purchased your carpet at a reputable dealer you will have no problems during the installation phase. Your dealer either has trained installers on staff or will recommend an independent installer if they do not provide that service. Once your carpet has been chosen and the areas measured you will be ready to schedule your installation. There are some guidelines you should note and you should check with your dealer or professional installer about any questions you may have prior to installation.

Before the installers arrive you should remove all fragile and breakable contents from the floor covering areas to be carpeted. Discuss with your dealer/professional installer about furniture removal. There is usually an additional charge for removing furniture, especially if it’s heavy. Please note again, professional installers are not responsible for emptying the contents of china closets, drawers and the like. It will help in the long run if you do that ahead of your scheduled installation. You should detach all electronics such as computers, TV’s (if they are to be removed in order to install the carpet), and make sure the wiring is off the floor if possible. All this should be done the day before your scheduled installation. If you have carpet down already, there may be an additional charge for removing the current carpet and carpet padding.There is quite a bit more to discuss for installation so keep on checking back.

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Discount Carpet and Cleaning

Shaw Flooring Industries is one of many in the flooring industry that answers questions about allergens and carpet. People are under the misconception that cheap carpet causes allergies and such. The falsehoods associated with this have been around for a long time. Let’s take a moment and think about carpet. Carpet as with any other type of discount flooring, can attract dust, soil and the like. So what do you do? Vacuum!! Regular, good old fashioned vacuuming your carpet along with periodically cleaning your carpet using hot-water (steam) extraction, will rid the carpet of any dirt, allergens etc. etc. On the other hand carpet does indeed keep dirt and particles down in the carpet until it is vacuumed, whereas on discount hardwood flooring these are constantly stirred up releasing them into the air. So along with comfort, acoustic value, colors, types, cost, we can add allergen reduction to the many great qualities of carpeting. As a sidebar, the new carpet fibers resist staining so one should vacuum regularly even if the carpet looks clean. Regarding chemical emission in the indoor environment, research has concluded that new carpet is one of the lowest emitters. The EPA found the emissions from carpet and carpet installation to be well below the recommended guidelines making discount carpet a great choice for those concerned about indoor air quality. One should have air ventilation for the first few days when carpet is installed. The University of North Carolina was involved in 2002 in a study. “Two schools were the subject…one school had mostly resilient tile floors while the other was 70-75% carpeted. The study found that airborne contaminants were higher over the tiled floors than over carpet”.

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Discount Flooring – Commercial Carpet

Are you looking for discount carpet that is low profile, has tons of style, sophisticated, functional and totally unexpected? Then you might want to consider commercial carpet for your home. In today’s marketplace there are many customers that like the low profile provided by commercial carpet. You may have a loved one using a wheelchair or walker. You may have children and/or pets. You desire something a bit more tailored in appearance than the typical home cheap carpet. If the above sounds like you, you should look into purchasing commercial carpet. Many of today’s designers are bringing this option to their clients. The color choices are not as many as typical carpets, however there are many patterns and designs to choose from. The designs range from bold to subtle. There is bound to be a design and color of commercial carpet floor covering to please even the most discerning eye. There are even loop and cut-piles along with all the patterns. If you have pets you will want to stay away from loop styles commercial carpets. Consider commercial carpet, as an artistic adventure for your flooring needs. Commercial carpet goes well with all other types of flooring in your home.

Carpet Depot Arizona has 2 Metropolitan Phoenix locations to help carpet Arizona and flooring needs. They are one of the largest independent stocking floor covering dealers. They have samples galore to show you and a professional, knowledgeable sales staff to help you determine what is best and show you the best selection. For the best selection of cheap carpet, discount hardwood flooring, discounted laminate flooring, discount commercial carpet and carpet remnants, stop by either Carpet Depot valley location.

Linoleum with Discount Carpet

Armstrong is celebrating its 100th anniversary as the forerunner of linoleum. They led the US into the linoleum age in 1909!! There is currently resurgence in the floor covering industry of linoleum and it’s no surprise that Armstrong is leading the way. The linoleum of today isn’t what your grandparents had in their house. Why is there a renewed interest in linoleum, the product most boomers don’t use as discount flooring? One can only glean that it has something to do with sustainability.

Linoleum is made today as it was all those years ago with renewable raw materials including: “cork powder, linseed oil, limestone, organic pigments and jute backing”. In fact linoleum can add to your LEED rating, is compliant with California’s low-VOC emissions standards and that is only two “green” certifications- there are more. There are new patterns and colors that Armstrong has come out with for it’s 100th celebration.

Linoleum looks great with other flooring. Cheap carpet and discount hardwood flooring alike look great with linoleum. Keep in mind linoleum has a long life span as well as being green. Happy 100th year anniversary to Armstrong as it celebrates the introduction of linoleum to the U.S and thank you for always being “green”.

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Discount Carpet Color Trends

Going through the current floor covering industry materials one can safely say there are no rules concerning color. Every manufacturer produces color trend carpets every year but in fact they also produce colors for years that people continue to buy. A great aspect of carpet is if in a few years you decide to redecorate and would like to use a different color palette it is easier to take out the existing carpet and replace it with new carpet than if you had discount hardwood flooring. Removing stone, porcelain/ceramic or discount laminate flooring is time consuming, costly and messy. Some colors remain constant and true in their definitions. Green is usually associated with nature. Gray is typically reserved for a more contemporary home. Red is for the dramatic at heart while rose reminds one of glamor. Of course neutrals are always in style. Since color has an impact on any room it should be kept in mind that lighter colors tend to make a room appear larger while darker colors tend to create a cozier atmosphere. However, don’t be afraid to use color. If you love a color in your home then use it on your floor. Color is meant to make us feel good especially in our home. One last piece of advice, don’t forget the furniture. You want to take into consideration the color of the furniture when making flooring purchases.

Carpet Depot has two locations in the greater Phoenix area to service the Phoenix Metro area. Carpet Depot is the largest independent cheap carpet and discount floor covering dealer in the area. We are able to pass along great savings to our customers. For all your flooring needs and for the best deals in the Phoenix area shop Carpet Depot.

Carpet Pad Benefits

You have decided what type of discount carpet to put in your home and now you must decide on carpet padding that goes underneath the carpet. Carpet padding can also be referred to as carpet cushion depending on the area of the country you are purchasing your flooring. Carpet padding is so important because it determines how the carpet feels when you walk on it. Padding absorbs foot traffic making cheap carpet feel better. Carpet padding can significantly improve a carpet’s sound absorption thus providing even better acoustics than carpet alone. It also aids along with carpet in keeping a room at room temperature. There are many different types of padding manufactured today. Included are types that have an odor guard, help block moisture and help fight stains. Proper cushioning can help extend the life and look of your carpet by being the barrier between the sub-floor and the carpet and providing airspace under the carpet.

In fact padding helps keep your carpet clean. By providing the barrier and keeping the discount carpet off the sub-floor, the carpet is allowed to “breathe”. Every time you vacuum that airspace allows for the dirt to be brought to the vacuum. It is a very efficient way of keeping carpet clean!!

There are different types of carpet padding which will be the subject of a future blog. Consult your carpet dealer to help determine which is the best carpet padding for the carpet you choose and the lifestyle you lead.

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Discount Carpet as Main Floor Covering

Why carpet? This question gets asked a lot. With so many discount flooring options available why indeed choose carpet? One answer is to definitely have carpet in the bedrooms. I have recently had two friends have two very different accidents in their bedrooms. The first has tile in her bedroom as she has four dogs. She got up in the middle of the night, tripped and went head first down onto the tile suffering a concussions and multiple bruising. In fact, she looked like she went 10 rounds with Tyson. Another friend has discount hardwood flooring with an area rug in her bedroom. She tripped on the area rug, fell on the hardwood flooring and suffered damage to her knee, so bad that she had to spend a few weeks in rehab. Carpeting in the bedroom is in fact preferable for the very reasons stated above. It is also a built in acoustic system enabling better conversation. While hardwood flooring, discount laminate flooring, ceramic/porcelain and natural stone tile all have their places in kitchens and baths, the bedroom areas offer residents and guests much better protection with carpeting. Today there is such a vast array of carpet design and colors for all tastes and price points. Padding offerings are far greater and superior then in the past. You can’t go wrong with carpet.

Carpet Depot offers two locations in the greater Phoenix area, an east side location and west side location. Each location is a fully stocked warehouse that keeps costs down and lets them pass the savings onto the consumer. For the largest selection of cheap carpet and carpet pad visit Carpet Depot.

Discount Flooring – Going Green

Today is Earth Day and a great topic is “going green”. In the carpet and flooring industry many strides have been taken to do just that, go green. Everything from developing new environmentally friendly methods of producing fibers to recycling programs for flooring that is no longer viable in the home. Hard surfaces now include fabulous discount laminate flooring that “mimics” natural discount hardwood flooring. Floor covering professionals even have a difficult time deciding whether a floor is hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. These laminates are durable and longer lasting than their natural counterparts. Longevity means less recycling and longer lasting in the home. Longer life cycles mean less impact on our environment creating less of a carbon footprint.

Today carpet manufacturers such as Shaw Carpet and Mohawk Carpet have taken seriously the need to develop new way of manufacturing carpet to produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s carpets are durable, longwearing, environmentally friendly and help decrease noise pollution. Noise pollution creates a very unfriendly environment for residents and visitors alike. Today’s fabulous houses tend to have higher ceilings creating a need to decrease sound. Carpet is a perfect fit if you have high ceilings.

Another environmental consideration is the use of ceramic/porcelain tile over the use of natural stone. Ceramic/porcelain tile manufacturers such as Mohawk Flooring and Shaw Flooring have developed environmentally sound methods of producing the product. Natural stone is non-renewable. The maintenance required is much more significant than it’s ceramic/porcelain counterpart. Again the ceramic/porcelain product is made to “mimic” its natural counterpart, fooling many floor covering professionals.

Whatever type of flooring you choose stop in at Carpet Depot for the valley’s largest in stock selection of cheap carpet, carpet remnants and a large selection of laminate flooring and ceramic/porcelain flooring to satisfy everyone’s taste.

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